Welcome to Misty Mountain

by Misty Mountain

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Welcome to Misty Mountain is a 4 track demo recorded by the band at Central Institute of Technology Leederville, between April 2011 - June 2011.

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released September 27, 2011



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Misty Mountain Perth, Australia

Misty Mountain's music is a combination between Blues Rock, Funk and Psychedelic music.
It combines the big riffs of Blues Rock with the rhythm based approach of funk and ties it all together with small and big hints of otherworldly sounds, long instrumental jams and Melodic spacey lyrics of Pych. ... more

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Track Name: Magic World
Verse 1

There's all these little people
In the purple hills I see
Ooh and the pumpkin man
Breaks just like a tree
I see a pretty gem
Shining like a pearl
All this stuff happens
In this magic world


Magic World
Magic world
Magic world
Magic world

Verse 2

There was that wooden horse
That he used to ride
Scarecrow and Tin man
Always by his side
My kingdom has been taken
By these crazy girls
All this stuff happens
In this magic world
Track Name: Shadows
Verse 1

Ooh can you see those shadows?
Creeping so steadily
Behind your back ooh
I guess you just can't see
Ooh a cavern whispers
A young man dies
Deep from within that hollow
Come to claim your life


Ooh they're gonna get you
No point in running away
Ooh they're gonna find you
No point in hiding away

Verse 2

Death will take us all
Something you can't deny
The shadows will chase you down
Until the day you die
A soft movement in the grass
Flowing whispers on the wind
That last flash of your life
Now it all begins


Ooh they're gonna get you
No point in running away
Ooh they're gonna find you
No point in hiding away
Track Name: Skeletons
Verse 1

Sweat falls down my face
I can't stay still
Cannot stop these shakes
Can't stop these chill
I have to find
What's hidden inside
I think my body's taken
It's no longer mine

Verse 2

Something had taken ahold
Can't even scream
I need a holy man
To make my body clean
Evil thoughts have entered my mind
I'm going crazy
It needs to be exorcised
It's made me it's home

Verse 3

Blanket over my eyes
Feeling I, can't describe
This demon is taking
My soul
Corruption, interrupting
My home, life and family
No excuses left to use
Made an offer I couldn't refuse


This is my own fault
I couldn't resist his bribe
I sold my soul to the devil
But I can't lose this fight
Need to protect my family
From the creature inside
I'll win this if I have too
Can't let him get free
Track Name: Strawberries and Cream
Verse 1

Our leaders control us
Through our intake
Our brains are fried
Just from the shake and bake
Do you really believe
we control our lives
There's all these little pills
Hidden deep inside


Give me, my strawberries and cream
To release my mind
Release the temptations
Don't let me go blind


Strawberries and Cream
Strawberries and Cream